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AND...I feel like drawing or painting or something creative and all my art shit is still at the old place...grrr...gonna go by and pick that up tomorrow!!


Why Me?

Seriously...I ask myself this at least once a day...Mr Murphy must have had me in mind when he was coming up with that law. /sigh I am a full time student...I take all online courses through the local community college. I do this because I have a full time job and also 2 kids...I'm a busy person. The semester is coming to an end, and while the last few weeks have taken a bit of a toll on my motivation toward school work. I should finish out the semester with fairly decent grades. Finals are in the air and for my Administration of Justice class the instructor decides to require a "group project"....for an online course...a course in which we never see or speak to any other attendees of the class...ugh! So I am almost immediately nominated "group leader" by the other people in my group...and then nothing...we have 3 weeks to do this project in which 1/3 of the points come from group participation and nobody has said anything...complete radio silence. I have been in contact with the instructor and he told me to just do the best I can...I have no qualms with completing the project on my own...its just that I'll be damned if 4 other lazy asses are going to get credit for any of it *huffhuff*...So its due on Monday and if I dont hear from any of those bitches...I'm throwing their asses under the bus.


Getting settled

As much as I despise moving (With a hate that burns with the fire of 1,000 suns), it does allow for a cleansing of sorts. Throwing away old crap you havent looked at in forever instead of moving it, buying new decorative stuff, new routines. Its really refreshing. I'm working from my new place today for the first time (due to the holiday last week) and I'm really digging the view from my "office" window...blue skies, pretty autumn trees and the heavily vegetated pool area. I think I'm gonna like it here :)

The deed is done...

Lots of tears...lots of remorse...no anger

Thats pretty much how it went down. Thanks everyone for your outpouring of support. Good to know I have people I can count on when I need it most. I love you all!

Going to start packing tomorrow...maybe start moving this weekend.

I'm emotionally exhausted...hopefully sleep will help the mental fog clear.

I'm definitely gonna need those pints Friday!

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

Things are about to get crazy...I will post more details as plans come together...Its not going to be easy...but leaving a comfort zone never is...want of my own happiness is driving me...and soon it will be just me and the kids...a simpler life, without the drama...

Finding my inner artist

I put my pencil to paper and this is what came out...hopefully I can find some time this weekend to draw more...its very therapeudic


So about a month ago I was totally jazzed cause I found out that the state of Ca was holding $87 for me in the unclaimed property department...woo hoo...some remaining wages from when I worked at Gateway computers....I put in the claim to get my cash and was told it would take about 6 months, seriously... to cut a check...whatever...So I pretty much didnt bank on having it anytime soon...Fast forward to today I go check my mailbox and theres a check from Mr John Chiang, State Controller...kick ass!! but upon closer inspection...its a mother trucking IOU!!! 

"Due to the State of California's severe cash crisis, your payment is being made with the enclosed registeres warrant, also known as an IOU."
*Blah Blah Blah legal crap*
"I regret the inconvenience this causes and appreciate your understanding as I try to manage the worst cash crisis since the Great Depression" Signed State Controller

Ok...I understand that Ca is in the crapper...but this is MY money...its not like they are paying me out of pocket ...it was money that came from Gateway Computers that they were just holding for me....


needless to say..I'm pretty miffed..

Dear California,
I hate you.
Love, Jessica



made it! Whew...I really need to get to work on developing that teleportation device. Driving with two kids is highly overrated!

Oh Em Gee!

Tonight I had more fun than I've had in forever thanks tosocalsoxand minxchievous

I really hope more than ever that we can move down here soon and we can rot eachother's brains on a regular basis. Thank you guys...you are wonderful.

PS Giant skunk FTW!

Thanks Rich

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